PumpChecker®--Your Answer for Lost Oil and Production

Dec 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by ALP Team

In today’s highly competitive and volatile O&G industry, efficiency can mean the difference between profitability or losing money for oilfield producers of all sizes. If you could find a tool that could not only prevent failures in your ESP and gas lift wells, but offer a method for identifying opportunities to improve production, reduce downtime, increase run lives and decrease costs—all with software that provides real-time (and valuable) analytics, wouldn’t you want to invest in it?


Discover how ALP’s PumpChecker® software does all this and more, giving your team access to a wealth of data in real time, the ability to diagnose and solve issues before pumps break down, and supporting their decisions to replace or repair expensive equipment. Your engineers are no longer bogged down attempting to interpret data which doesn’t give you a real picture of what your wells are doing and running manual tests when their time is best spent making crucial decisions.

Even when your data comes from disparate sources, PumpChecker® is designed to integrate the data into a standardized data set, in a single platform, so the metrics are clear. Your engineers have the information they need to quickly resolve issues. Since the software works with a variety of lift systems, no matter what system you are using, you have the information needed to find production increases, optimization options, and prevent impending breakdowns.

The PumpChecker® dashboard offers KPIs on multiple points of information, including runlife, install/pull frequency, and individual component data, and in ranking wells for potential improvement, you no longer invest in the wrong wells. So, drop the spreadsheets, inaccurate datasets, and stop guessing what has caused pump failure.

Watch our video and discover how ALP’s PumpChecker® software can help you produce more oil, reduce failures and lower costs!

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ALP Team

Written by ALP Team

Artificial Lift Performance (ALP) has been helping companies solve oil production and artificial lift problems since 2004. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, ALP is a consulting and software company that exists to maximize your production, optimize wells and artificial lift equipment. ALP's Pump Checker® software is a powerful analytics tool that helps you understand your data and make effective decisions to manage your artificial lift. Through our staff training, we also help ensure that you have a well-trained staff who make the best possible contribution to your business.