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Reducing CO2 emissions in oil and gas operations

Sep 9, 2021 7:01:05 AM / by Rupert Radcliffe-Genge (Guest Writer) posted in Reducing CO2 emissions


There is huge pressure on our industry to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. And, if we all went back to riding a bike or a horse to work, we could reduce emissions, but let’s face it that’s not happening anytime soon. The lure of those air-conditioned Ford F-150 seats are much more appealing on a hot 100°F+ summers day!

There are many high investment, long lead solutions to assist with reducing emissions or being carbon neutral, such as carbon sequestration, reducing gas flaring, identification, and remedy of methane leaks, or investing in renewable projects. But, none of these are immediate changes that provide a benefit now.

In this blog we’ll look at a few practical measures, that any operator can take, to have an immediate impact on how you manage your wells day to day and reduce emissions.

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